This is a quick preliminary posting of some Tucker Media stuff.
These videos are a start. More to come, especially graphics.

A simple animation for Leigh Industries, made for their dovetail jig instruction video. Voice work is not the final, it's just me as reference for timing. That funny DNA thing is just stuck on the front ...nothing to do with Leigh.

I'll be posting lots of graphics done for Leigh. We've received accolades world-wide for excellence in Leigh's operating manuals.

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Click a subject for a demo movie
t'll play automatically (allow a few seconds for download). The demos are segments of full productions by Tucker Media. All work was done by Tucker Media, including script, shoot, post, and sound/voice-over.

•Explanation of some practical things that can be done with QTVR.
•A tradeshow video, used for promo and historical.
•A simple animation for video. Shows a woodworking concept.
•A video to inform people what it's like to host a new immigrant to Canada.
•A short sales/training video for an air tool.
•A tour of a sawmill, used for promotional and community relations.


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